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Action Column Icon Guide

The following is a guide to the Actions Column found in GrantsOnline which has a number of icons that allow you to view the applicants forms, and support material:

The icons are as follows:

  1. Link to Formset: Allows the applicant to view and edit their application
  2. View Support Material: A slideshow of the applicants support material.
  3. Download Support Material: Gives the panelist the ability to download the applicants support material to a local machine
  4. Print Formset: Print the application or the scorecard for a hard copy
  5. PDF: Download a PDF version of the applicants grant

FAQ Manuals

GrantsOnline FAQ Organizations

GrantsOnline FAQ Individuals

GrantsOnline FAQ Media


Project Grant Video Tutorials

Please refer to our Project Grant Video Tutorial playlist on YouTube for further assistance. These videos cover the topics:
  1. What Is a Project Grant?
  2. The Application Process
  3. The Panel Process
  4. Tips on Preparing Your Budget
  5. How to Administer Your Award